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Tax credits (for research & innovation)

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Our objective: To guide you and secure your research and/or innovation tax credit (CIR / CII)

Our experts can completely handle the scientific and financial scope to meet your requirements. We conduct on-site audits to gain a full understanding of your economic, scientific and fiscal situation. After your audit, we collect and examine your technical and administrative documents to confirm your project’s eligibility. Our services also include providing justification for the amounts appearing on the associated government-issued CERFA forms and assisting you with writing your applications.

Our objective:

What services do we offer?

  • On-site audits of technical projects by experienced consultants
  • Enhancement of projects eligible for the research and/or innovation tax credit, on the basis of documentation
  • Preparation of the justification file (structure and editorial content)
  • Support during tax audits

Over and above the technical / administrative aspects of your application, our consultants provide a multitude of advice on:

We provide support and peace of mind
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by providing operational assistance with the preparation of all of the elements requested by the tax authority and, potentially, transmitted to experts from the relevant ministries (Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation via Regional Research and Technology Delegations for the research tax credit and Ministry of Industry via Regional Directorates for Companies, Competition, Consumers, Labour and Employment for the innovation tax credit).

Throughout your tax audit, we help you respond to questions from the tax authority or from scientific experts.

Get ahead of the curve! Applications for different labels and distinctions:

Young Innovative Enterprise (JEI) and Young Academic Enterprise (JEU) statuses, research / innovation tax credit certifications and so on demand a high level of expertise in government formalities and the required technical quality.

In addition to applying for an obtaining these labels, statuses, certifications and distinctions, our goal is to get ahead of the curve for the next step: the identification of government funding and aid (future application for a tax credit, marketing approach for future clients interested in benefiting from the future certification, etc.).

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