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Project management & communication

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Our objectives : Helping you to check that the work plan and all contractual tasks are being carried out properly. Support you in communicating the project, promoting its results and analysing their impact.

Our experts run the PMO (Project Management Office) for you, with a level of monitoring tailored to your needs. We support the project leader or consortium in the scientific, technical, administrative and financial management of their collaborative or individual project. Our experts take charge of the deliverables linked to the exploitation of the results, and analyse the expected impact of the project. Our communication officers define the project’s communication plan and take charge of public communication (website, social networks, flyer, video, etc.).

Our objectives :

What services do we offer?

  • Day-to-day management of all partners
  • Periodic reports to the funding body, in the required format
    • Organisation of meetings:
    • Monitoring expenditure,
    • Monitoring payments,
    • Management of the funder’s reporting tools,
  • Helping to ensure the financial sustainability of the project.
  • Production of specific management deliverables: Data management plan, Risk management, Project Handbook,
  • Production of deliverables specific to the exploitation of results: Impact analysis, Communication plan, Exploitation plan, Market analysis and potential patentability of results,
  • Setting up and running the project’s communication: communication plan, website, social networks, webinars, etc.
Absiskey offers expert service
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Depending on the partners’ wants and needs, collaborative project management is provided by means of a full web software tool which is very easy to use: Project Netboard. Designed and developed by Absiskey, this tool helps project managers collect information from each partner, regardless of their role or geographic location. Project Netboard also hosts the project’s website and its secure collaboration platform.

Share your R&D’s success stories! Nous vous accompagnons pour augmenter la portée et les retombées de vos projets de recherche et innovation.

  1. Implementation of the communication/dissemination plan
  2. Organising webinars to present the project and its results,
  3. Drafting and publishing newsletters
  4. Creation of a standard logo/graphic charter/communication media (flyer, poster, kakemono, etc.)
  5. Creation and management of one-page or multi-page websites
  6. Presentation video clips
  7. Community management (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
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