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Project management & communication

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Our objectives: To help you control the execution of the work plan and all contractual tasks. To support your project communications, the promotion of your project results, and the development of its impact assessment.

Our experts provide PMO (project management office) services with follow-up tailored to your needs. We guide the project sponsor or the consortium through the scientific, technical, administrative and financial management of their collaborative or individual project. Our experts handle the deliverables associated with the exploitation of the project’s results and assess the expected impact of the project. Our Communication Specialists define the project’s communication plan and handle all public communications (on the website, social networks, flyers, videos, etc.).

Our objectives:

What services do we offer?

  • Daily management of all the partners
  • Periodic reports to the funding agency, in the required format
  • Organization of meetings:
    • Expense tracking
    • Payment tracking
    • Management of the funding agency’s reporting tools
    • Support for the project’s financial longevity
  • Creation of deliverables dedicated to management: Data management plan, Risk management, Project Handbook
  • Creation of deliverables dedicated to results promotion: Impacts analysis, Communication plan, Operating plan, Market analysis and possibilities to patent the results.
  • Set-up and management of project communications: communication plan, website and social networks

Absiskey offers expert service
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Absiskey offers expert service that guarantees compliance with the rules and allows all the consortium’s partners to focus on their core businesses.

Depending on the partners’ wants and needs, collaborative project management is provided by means of a full web software tool which is very easy to use: Project Netboard. Designed and developed by Absiskey, this tool helps project managers collect information from each partner, regardless of their role or geographic location. Project Netboard also hosts the project’s website and its secure collaboration platform.

Share your R&D’s success stories! We help you to expand the reach and effects of your research and innovation projects.


  1. Set-up of a communication / dissemination plan
  2. Set-up of webinars to introduce the projects and its results
  3. Drafting and publication of newsletters
  4. Creation of a logo / graphic charter / communication materials (flyers, posters, banners, etc.)
  5. Creation and management of one-page or multi-page websites
  6. Presentation video clips
  7. Visual animations for concepts and projects (storytelling)
  8. Community management (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
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