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Reach your Market: The research e-service that works with users to assess your innovations’ market potential

Reach your Market is a research service which aims to assess you innovation’s potential in order to increase its chances for success on the marketplace. Developed to focus innovation processes on users (professionals and consumers alike), the Reach your Market service can give you robust results and operational recommendations on how to formalize your innovation project and which marketing strategy you should adopt.

Reach your Market support is simplified by digital technologies. Our promise to you is that you will receive an estimate for your research in just a few clicks and have access to expert analyses in less than three weeks.

Reach your Market:

Project netboard:


Project Netboard is an online project management platform specifically dedicated to the set-up, management and dissemination of European and national collaborative projects. Whether a project is funded by Horizon Europe, an ADEME call for expressions of interest, Bpifrance, PSPC (competitiveness projects) or another programme, Project Netboard holds all the relevant participation, reporting and budgeting rules.

Project Netboard makes it possible to:

  • Provide a simple structure for your project’s management
  • Manage progress on your project’s activities and its results in real time
  • Share and centralize all of your project’s documents
  • Disseminate and communicate information about your project thanks to an integrated, personalizable public website.


Yoomaneo: The app dedicated to users willing to share their opinions by participating to innovation projects

Because users should be at the very heart of innovation strategies, Yoomaneo is their dedicated mobile app. Yoomaneo offers a forum for discussions and interactions relating to innovations, arranged in six user communities defined by theme:

  • Health / Medicine
  • Lifestyle / Consumers
  • Digital / Smart World
  • Energy
  • Mobility / Transport
  • Leisure / Sport / Wellness.

For innovators, Yoomaneo is a community platform which serves as a new data collection tool for evaluating innovations with their potential users, with the aim of improving them.

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Absiskey’s digital services today mean:

  • A research e-service that assesses innovations’ market potential
  • A software solution for managing collaborative innovation projects
  • A dedicated user platform to collect their opinions of innovations
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