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Our commitment Maximising the performance of your company's research and innovation (R&I) for a low-carbon world

In the context of the climate emergency, to deal with unprecedented situations of disruption, companies need to innovate in depth and innovate fast.

We can help you strengthen your innovation processes by benchmarking against the best practices of your competitors. We challenge your positioning, your projects, your partnerships and your financing.

We’ll help you build and cost your R&I roadmap, bringing together your employees and your ecosystem in line with your economic, strategic and environmental development objectives.

We help you adjust your value proposition to better address the opportunities and risks associated with the climate emergency. We identify new low-carbon technology building blocks for you to integrate into your developments, while working on more virtuous business models.

In short, we help you to accelerate your development while aligning your activities with the neutrality trajectory defined in the Paris Agreements.

Our commitment

Our different approaches

Audit and benchmark your company against best practice in your sector.

Maximise the performance of your company’s research and innovation :

  • Consolidate your R&D&I ambition, governance and evaluation criteria
  • Build a shared and integrated vision of priority projects
  • Optimise processes and steering, manage risks and mobilise the best resources
  • Seek the best return on your R&D&I investment
  • Rethink your value proposition to reduce your carbon intensity and identify resilient growth drivers
  • Encouraging open innovation to create more value quickly and protect your industrial property

Optimising the financing strategy for a portfolio of research and innovation projects :

  • Map your Research & Innovation projects and assess their impact on the company’s development
  • Sourcing open innovation technologies
  • Identify and access strategic partners with whom to collaborate to win
  • Produce an overview and compatibility analysis of available sources of finance.

This financial engineering can increase your tax credit in unexpected ways.

Absiskey supports you
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  • Strategic marketing:
    • Market research
    • Competitive analysis
    • Identification of new markets
    • Design thinking and user needs analysis
  • Economic and financial studies:
    • Organization of value chains
    • Due diligence on innovative projects
  • Release to market:
    • Profitability studies (costing and pricing)
    • Business model
    • Construction of a business plan

Take it a step further… We can help you manage your industrial property strategy and consortium agreements :

  • Valuation and licensing model
  • State of the art
  • Prior art and pre-patentability study
  • Review of existing patent portfolio and financial valuation
  • Reference texts and negotiation assistance for bilateral, confidentiality and consortium agreements
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