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Consulting, strategy & training

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Our objective: To guide your decisions so they can drive your innovations

We perform a summary appraisal of your research and innovation organization and help you to collectively identify and define the most relevant and inspiring innovation strategy which will motivate your entire company. We provide an informed vision of potential new markets. We assist you in rolling out an open innovation strategy and agile methods to accelerate the development of your innovations.

Our objective:

Our different approaches



  • Highlight your innovation priorities
  • Define key factors for success on your markets
  • Prioritize your R&I projects according to their maturity and the company’s strategy
  • Establish a structure for your project approach and create a project portfolio
  • Identify opportunities for partnerships and their potential
  • Situate your organization in relation to regional, national and European government aid mechanisms
  • Analyse the accounts for direct and indirect aid and their repercussions, particularly as concerns tax credits. Thanks to this technical approach to financial engineering, substantial extra tax credits – often unsuspected – can significantly increase a project sponsor’s financial resources and therefore offer more effective support for the research process

Marketing studies:

  • Conduct a detailed analysis of market demand and key value criteria for potential customers
  • Institute an intellectual property valuation model (outside-in / inside-out)


  • Help you to give structure and life to your open innovation and design thinking strategy
  • Provide project acceleration methods based on agile and concurrent engineering methods
  • Connect you with new technological gems

Absiskey supports you
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Absiskey supports you in your decision-making by assessing your business opportunities, competing technologies and the value creation chain to orient your innovation projects towards success.

  • Strategic marketing:
    • Market research
    • Competitive analysis
    • Identification of new markets
    • Design thinking and user needs analysis
  • Economic and financial studies:
    • Organization of value chains
    • Due diligence on innovative projects
  • Release to market:
    • Profitability studies (costing and pricing)
    • Business model
    • Construction of a business plan

Take it a step further… We can support the management of your industrial property strategy and consortium agreement:

  • Valuation and licensing models
  • Best practices
  • Searches for prior claims and preliminary patentability study
  • Examination of the portfolio of existing patents and financial valuation
  • Reference texts and assistance with negotiations for bilateral, non-disclosure and consortium agreements
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